Get energy from all around with the renewable energy Products

Naturally replenishing energy that is virtually endless,  but limited in respect of available energy per unit is the the renewable energy, named as “green power.” It doesn’t pollute the air in any way. The renewable energy products are used  to maintain the use of the energy whenever or wherever necessary.

But unlike other sources of energy, the renewable energy can’t be used all the time in spite of its several benefits.  The reason is that we can’t store these energy like coal or natural gas. On the other hand, the wind or sunshine,  can’t be stored for after use. If the wind ceases to blow and the sun hides from view, these powers become unavailable for all. The other reason is the using of fossil fuel is cheaper and easier than the renewable energy. Comparatively, it needs more money to convert energy out of wind or solar.

The manufacturers of renewable energy products are doing their best to create the products which are best used for the conversion of energy. For example, the High quality Sunpower solar panel for solar energy is the setting of photovoltaic that produce a voltage when it out in the radiant energy, especially light. The cells of this products create energy out of sunshine and generate direct electricity current.

Biomass,  which composed of wood waste are used by the people of America as the major source of energy till 1800. Still, wood is considered to be the main fuel in many other developing nations,  particularly for the purpose of cooking or heating.

The wood wastes are being produced in making various products. One of the important products of wood waste products is paper manufacturing. Lots of paper mills depend on this energy. Throughout the USA the wood energy is used for heating purpose.  There are a number of electric power sector that are run by the waste wood.

Here comes the elaborate description of the sources of renewable energy. Read on to know more about the every source:

  • Wind energy

Wind power conversion is nothing new. All of us hear about the windmills fitted with turbine attached to the mini generator for the purpose of producing  electricity. The amount of electricity produced out of windmills is very low. In order to generate more electricity for the purpose of serving people all around, the utility companies endeavor to produce renewable energy products. The wind mills  are built in those areas where the wind blows 14 km per hour at the  least.

  • Solar energy

Solar energy is the sun energy and is very powerful indeed. The sunlight that reaches to the earth for an hour can meet the demand of energy for the year. The using of solar power to fulfill the demand of power is nothing new. It has been utilized for thousand years. History tells us that the great explorer John Herschel during the adventure in Africa made use of  a solar collector for cooking. Currently, the solar collector is used to heat air or water in every home. Best home solar panel 280 watt pv module is one of the solar energy products that use sun rays for the direct energy supply to homes.

As the sun is not available 24 hours, the technology of the energy conversion companies is setting up number of solar energy garden for the purpose of generating renewable energy.

  • Hydro energy

When water and electricity is the dangerous combination, it sounds odd water produces electricity. The water never comes in contact with electricity. The water falls to the river spin round with the turbine to generate power. People used water power more than 2000 years ago. The people of Egypts in ancient times used water wheels instead of turbine for generating hydroelectric.

  • Biomass Energy

The biomass energy in action when natural materials are burnt. It emits heat, similar to the campfire or the fireplace. Some of the materials that are used as natural materials for generating biomass energy includes :

The Left over wood, particularly from the sawmills, paper mills, the non recyclable cardboard and paper in addition to fast growing trees and crops.

As a biomass energy the electricity also can be gotten from cow manure. There are number of Animal waste, like poop, emits methane gas to turn it into electricity.

  • GeoThermal Energy

This type of energy is found under the earth. Geo indicates ‘out from earth’ and thermal suggests ‘heat’ . So this sort of energy is produced under the earth. The boiling lava that come from the heat underground, it can be used similarly in our homes.

Under the 4feet inside the ground the earth’s temperature remains constant at 55 degree approximately. A geothermal heating system works reverse as it makes use of the pipes that are buried more than 4 feet deep in the earth. This energy also can be used to generate electricity.

By this time you are most probably getting enough idea about the renewable energy. Get the energy that is all around us by converting them with the help of renewable energy products  be it soothing wind, or shining sun or the flowing water…